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Directed By Jean Deaux & Aus Taylor 
Production Company ILLIMITEWORLD


Directed By New Trash & Sen Morimoto
Production Company NewTrash
& Sooperrecords


Artist: MotherNature x Boathouse ft. Sir Michael Rocks
Dir: New Trash


Please Try to Leave Something There
Artist: Vicious Dunk
Dir: Ned Baker

Brave New World
Artist: Blake Saint David
Directer: New Trash


Come To Me Open
Artist: Growing Concerns Poetry Collective
Dir: New Trash

Play God
Artist: Nire Nah
Dir: Will Sonheim

Bonnie & Clyde
Artist: Sophie
Dir: Chelsea Halloin

Plastic Enemies
Artist: Pixel Grips
Dir: Nathaniel Alder and Connor Wiles

Dir: Ned Baker

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